Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little Reminders

There is something to be said about the sore muscles you acquire from a good Martial Arts workout.
As I hobble around the house today I am reminded of the wonderful and challenging workout the night before. Some of my favorite black belts were there as well. Several black belts training together always intensifies training even if is only bag training. Not an ego thing but encouraging each other to push themselves even harder. Their belief in your ability, giving you strength and endurance to punch and kick a little faster.
Yes indeed, there something to be said about a good Martial Arts workout.
I recommend it all. No matter your age or level of experience.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tired Ninja Wanna Be

Oh blog, oh how I have missed you so.
But I am injured, sick, and wicked busy.

That's me below and it's not due to training.

I find it interesting how the lack of training in the martial arts lately has greatly effected my mood, my self discipline and my self esteem. Martial arts is not just something I do, it is a part who I am. When I do not train regularly I am not myself. Need to heal. Need to get better. Need to train. There is nothing like the feeling of throwing a jab, jab, cross, hook, uppercut, knee kick, round kick, front kick to sooth the soul. Hell, throw a spinning back kick on the end of the combination while your at it.

Be well

Friday, December 16, 2011

Arizona is beckoning me and my lil ninja

I want to be there. Now!

Not the best photography but it was not taken for artist purposes. It was taken to capture a moment of silliness and fun to remember for a lifetime.

Happy Ninja Fun Friday. Make some memories.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cute and funny ninja shirt

This is a shirt for sale at
Click the link below to check it out and possibly buy it for yourself.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ninja with a cause or causes

I surfed on over to the G-PACT facebook page today (G-PACT - Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatment) to see what was going on there. I saw they shared a link to an article about feeding pumps and IV pumps. I clicked it and it directed me to Complex Child E-magazine. Complex Child is a monthly online magazine written by parents of children with special healthcare needs and disabilities. After I skimmed the article I took a look around the website and thought what a wonderful resource for parents. Personally, I nor do my children need a feeding pump or IV pump. We are extremely fortunate.  There are many who do.
Mondays I like to make a conscious effort to remember how lucky and fortunate I am. I remember how many people have to deal with diseases like Gastroparesis. Obscure and not very well known to the general public. Some diseases people will never hear of if no one they know is effected. The more rare the disease I would assume the harder it would be to get funds for research. Life can be stressful especially at the holidays but I can't imagine how much more stressful it is if you were ill or your child or someone you loved.
Tis the season of giving. Make sure you give a little more to a cause that is close to your heart.
There are so many causes to choose from, unfortunately.

Be giving.

Friday, December 2, 2011

What was I suppose to do?

Making a list and checking it twice.
Soooo, not the same as Santa's list.

As I grow older I find I really need to write things down and make to do lists. 
If not, I forget.
I bet Ninjas don't have this problem.
So rather be a Ninja.
Only thing I don't have write down to remind myself is.....
Ninja Fun Friday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Moving Target is Harder to Hit.

Thursdays I usually blog about combinations but a crucial part of throwing a kick boxing combination is movement.

I watch certain fighters kick boxing and their movement is spellbinding
They have it down to an art form. Beautiful and graceful but within that beauty and grace is power and technique which will annihilate you. Moving in and out of range with such finesse and ease is mesmerizing. The fluidity in their motion adding to the devastation of their strikes. Movement is an art form, there is no doubt in my mind.

There are many kickboxing/ life analogies. The importance of movement in life is what I am contemplating today. You have to move, duck, and slip. Absorb the punches life throws at you. If you just stand there flat footed and let life pound on you, you are just taking a beating. Not fun. But if you move around, in and out throw your own punches and kicks making it your fight. Controlling your life. Seeing things at different angles, seeing openings you would not see if you just stood stationary. So much more enjoyable.

Be fluid

( my kick boxing art form is more like scribble but I am trying really hard to paint a pretty picture. )

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

just a blip today

I ran into a acquaintance the other day and my continued quest for employment came up. I told her it looked like I would probably be going into a whole other field of work. She could sense my lack of enthusiasm and asked in a very heartfelt way..."What do you want to do?"
No, I didn't say it but I thought it and smiled. I did say "I want to work. I want a job."
The quest continues but I know I will find something soon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Ninja" Illnesses

There are so many “Ninja” diseases out there. I called them “Ninja” diseases because they are in the shadows. You don't hear about them. Someone could have a disease and you could have no idea they are ill cause there is no visible signs. I am 45 years old and I am not aware of so many illness in the world.
Over a year ago someone told me they had scleroderma. My first thought was what heck is that? My second thought was how the heck do you spell it?
Have you heard of it?
If not, here is the definition I got it from the Mayo Clinic website.
(I copied and pasted it. I didn't want to get it wrong.)

Scleroderma (skleer-oh-DUR-muh) is a group of rare, progressive diseases that involve the hardening and tightening of the skin and connective tissues — the fibers that provide the framework and support for your body.Localized scleroderma affects only the skin. Systemic scleroderma also harms internal organs, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys and digestive tract. Scleroderma can happen to anyone at any time in any geographical area. However, the disease affects women more often than men and most commonly occurs between the ages of 30 and 50. Scleroderma can run in families, but in most cases it occurs without any known family tendency for the disease. Scleroderma isn't considered contagious, but it can greatly affect self-esteem and the ability to accomplish everyday tasks.
 So click below and become a little more aware today.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Ninja's Thanksgiving

Made some new friends.
 This is Frank. His dad is a turkey and his mom is an ostrich. 

Some chat over a glass of wine, we sat on the wine as we chatted 

Had a cocktail

Ate some turkey
(hope it wasn't frank's dad)

Ate some ham 

Ate a little more turkey 

The jello mold was delicious 


Biscuits were perfect! 
(I made them) 

Homemade pumpkin pie and praline pumpkin pie
Need I say more? I thought not.

Leftovers were stacking up in the frig
Do you see me? 

Dishes, dishes, and more dishes
Do you see me?
Not likely, Ninjas know how and definitely when to make themselves disappear. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was as delightful as mine and you didn't get stuck doing the dishes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whatever happened to _______?

Browsing the blogs the other night via the next blog button I came upon many blogs that had not been updated for very long time. I am talking like a year or more. I wondered about the bloggers and why they discontinued. Did they have nothing else to share? Did they grow tired of blogging? Did they create a new blog and abandon this one? Of course my cryptic side wondered if they died.
There were three particular blogs that caught my attention that night. One was by a young woman whose post had an underline of despair in them. She was struggling finding the good side of life. Her vision was blurred by the negative in the world unable to see all the good. I hope someone she knew or knows cleaned the smudges of despair for her soul so she could see all the beauty in the world.
The next blog was actually by a minister. His last post was very sad. It was a good bye to the blogging world. Stating his home life and ministry were not doing well and he had to focus on fixing them. I was confused how his blog had a negative effect on his ministry and his family. It wasn't a stupid little blog like mine. It was more about spreading the word of God and helping people in need. I hope he chose the right path to find happiness
The last blog that caught my eye that had not been updated since 2009. The blogger was a middle aged, blue collar worker. I enjoyed his blog the most. I went back in his archives and read and read and read. I enjoyed his views on the world and his sense of humor. He blogged for years and then it just stopped. I wondered if he died.
It is an odd thing being sucked into others' lives and you don't even know them. Smiling at a strangers fun adventure they posted or sadden by their misfortune. Sometimes I feel like a stalker, especially when you run across a family blog and there daily lives but then again we put it out there for others to see. I hit the next blog button quickly on "Billy's"  first birthday or the "Smith's" family vacation. Feel too creeperish.
There are some great informative blogs out there probably for whatever interests you. I like the ones on writing. I enjoy the photography ones too. There is some real talent out there and some not so much. But who doesn't enjoy a pretty picture.

I blogged enough on blogging today.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been relatively good this year. 
Please, please, can I have pajamas shown below?
I will make an attempt to be better next year. 
Of course, there are never any guarantees on my behavior. Sometimes a Ninja gotta do what a Ninja gotta do. 

I would buy them myself but they are ridiculously over priced and morally I can not, with a good conscience, purchase them. I figure you may have connections, Santa.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ninja Retail Therapy

I found this site this morning and thought I really need to get into the ninja retail business. It's really kicking right now. Click the link and check out some Bad Bad Ninja stuff. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Have you ever taken on a big project, fully knowing you were not quite qualified or lacked experienced. Be it at work or home. Create something, build something, fix something. It does not matter what it is but you decided in your head I can do this. I know it will be difficult but I can do this.
Well me too!
I am at the point in the project where you say what the (bleep) was I thinking!
Unfortunately or fortunately I am at the point of no turning back. I guess there is always a choice to give up even when a great amount of the project is completed.

My mind wanders to a ninja infiltrating a village of evil doers. When deep within the compound the ninja realizes there are a great more enemies in the encampment than he was informed. He surrounded by minions of evil. The battle already has been a struggle. Every time the ninja feels completion is at hand it is only an illusion. More  obstacles present themselves again and again. Mission still incomplete. I wonder if the ninja's thinking What the (bleep) was I thinking?

Nah. Ninja is thinking how to complete the mission still, even though the tough mission was a great deal more difficult than expected. Ninjas never quit.
As for me and my project, I haven't quit but I dare say it has crossed my mind. Sometimes in my head I am jumping up and down and pulling out my hair, screaming. (so not ninja ) But I keep going. I have a mission and it needs to be completed.
So when I get frustrated I think, What Would Ninja Do?
And from time to time I sing those famous words of Dory the fish in Finding Nemo.
Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming

Keep Swimming

Friday, November 11, 2011

Found my cape



Dreaming of the next Ninja Fun Friday

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cause for this Monday...

Toys for tots

Tis the season.

I was wondering how many places across the U.S. there are to drop off a toy.
There has to be thousands of places. Thousand upon thousands.
So you can't use the excuse "I didn't know where to drop the toy off."

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My own definition


The definition at states – a quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc.. without fear. Bravery.

I disagree. It's a little off.

It should read a quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc... in spite of fear. To push aside your fear, uncertainty, apprehension to accomplish a difficult challenge, despite the danger and regardless of the pain.

Think about it, if a action was not at least a little scary why would you need courage.
If something was difficult and you did it anyway you would be disciplined
If something was dangerous and you weren't a little scared or apprehensive you would be stupid.
If something was painful and you weren't a little apprehensive you would be a masochistic.

Just a thought that traveled through my mind. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Release the Kraken

Feeling a bit crabby today.

...and a little hungry for seafood.
Go figure.

Be happy

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shadow Kick Boxing Anyone?

Shadow kick boxing is great for dissecting your technique. I know quite a few people who are not fans. I wonder if they know how incredibly important it is. You go slow and break down each movement making sure you are keeping your hands up. Extending fully. Hips are turning. Head is moving. Making sure your weight is where it is suppose to be. You lose your balance shadow kick boxing, guess what your weight is not in the right place or your stance is wrong or you are too tense. Throwing kicks slowly is a great way to improve your balance. Try throwing a front kick in four counts. 1. knee up. 2 extend kick. 3. retract kick back to knee up position. 4. put leg back down where it started. (remember all this is done with hands up.) It will also strengthen your muscles as well.
After awhile you gradually you add speed to your shadow kick boxing but be very conscious of your technique. Because in the end it is a simple equation. Technique + Speed = Power!
I know people who say hitting something is important. Sure it is. Hitting the heavy bag, the pads, and your sparring partner are very important for different reasons. But I find shadow kick boxing and sparring are the two places you will recognize your mistakes in your techniques quickly.

It just like anything else you need to practice, rehearse, prepare, drill, hone your skills. In business and you have a presentation to give. You would be prepared and knowledgeable. Same thing but more fun.

Be cool

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ninjas love Fresh Squeeze Hope

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation is a wonderful non profit organization to raise awareness and money to fund research into new treatments and cures childhood cancer. ran a tee shirt contest to design a shirt for the cause. 
This is the winner.!

Go to the site and order yours today.
50% of the proceeds go to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Scary movie Ninja

"Psst...think we should see if they are okay in there?"

Ever see the movie 1408?
I enjoyed it.

Other scary movies I enjoyed. 
The Changeling
Fright Night
The Gate
The House on Haunted Hill
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Shining
The Frighteners
Evil Dead 2
Dead Zone
and so much more and more and more.

Those are just the ones that popped in my head not in order of favorites or anything. 
Guess what I am going to do this weekend?
Netflix here I come.  

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Me worry? Ninja please!

While driving north on Rt.309 on Sunday I noticed Borders was closed. Petco was closed. Furniture store closed. The little dress shop on the corner is closing soon. Small strip mall completely empty now. As I drive further north heading home another strip mall deserted. Not for the day, closed for good. For lease signs in the windows. For sale signs scattered up the road side. I do not have a feeling of hope. I did get a feeling of dread. When is the economy going to turn around? Is it going too? When I hear of a company laying off more people or closing completely my first thought is more people I am competing with for limited positions.
I have been looking for a job for awhile now. I apply for jobs I am over qualified for, under qualified for, and jobs that would be perfect for someone with my qualifications. I call it the Goldie Locks Approach. I may just get lucky one of these days. And hopefully not mauled by bears.
I will be completely honest, I am not the leader. I am the worker. I like knowing my job, doing my job and doing my job well. I will give suggestions to my employer if I feel a procedure could be done more efficiently or more cost effectively but I am not the decision maker and I am okay with it. We were not all born to be leaders. Can I take charge when I need to? Yes I can and I can do it well. But I prefer to be the worker dude.
I do not need to be rich. I do not require much. I need to be able to pay the mortgage, the utilities, car payments and maintenance, and food. Put a little money away in savings for the unexpected expense and retirement. I live a modest life. Small house, average cars, clip coupons, only buy clothes if absolutely needed and they are on sale, etc...I am quite happy with my modest life.
Am I jealous of the rich and successful? No. I admire their drive and ambition. If you work hard you should reap your rewards. If you work even harder you should get even more. What I have a problem with is it is apparent to me the cost of living has risen substantially. The rate of paid for the average worker has drastically declined and I am competing for limited jobs against many many others. Do I have a solution to the economic crisis? No. I voted for elected officials because I felt they were capable of the task. I trusted in their ability to get things done. I feel as if I have made a mistake.
Do not fret my friends because I do know I will eventually find employment even if I have to start at the bottom again. I will always find a way to make it through the day, the week, the month, the year. Giving up is never an option.

But tonight I will not lie in bed and try and figure out which bill to pay first. Who I am going to make wait for their money? Where am I going to find the money to fix the truck and hope it does not require too much to pass inspection. Or how am I going to feed the family with the little money we have after I pay a few bills. Tonight I will imagine a world where a ninja and two vampires fight together against an army of demons. Mages cast deceptive spells and werewolves howl in the night. Friendships are tested and promises broken.

What? I can't worry all the time. And besides I can't afford a vacation so I will just visit one of the worlds residing in my head.

Be strong 
Stay strong
Smile as if you haven't a care in the world.

Combination for today.

Jab, cross, power round 2 kick, hook, uppercut, hook, cross, round one kick, round two kick, front one kick.

yeah, that will work.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's combination

Chemo and Radiation is the combination.

My mother had breast cancer as did my aunt (her sister) and my grandmother. My sister has breast cancer and my other sister had lung cancer. 
(there are others with breast cancer but not as closely related and really not relevant to my thought)
My mother's and aunt's treatment was chemo and radiation. My sister with breast cancer presently is being treated by chemo and radiation. My other sister who had lung cancer had chemo and radiation treatment too. 
No idea what my grandmother's treatment was.
My mother died of breast cancer 27 years ago. My sister died of lung cancer 15 years ago. My other sister is battling breast cancer now.

Now here's my thought. After all these years and all the money donated to breast cancer and lung cancer.There has been a lot. The causes are highly publicized and in turn must receive a good amount of money for research. You would think maybe the treatment would have changed. I do realize that survival is much higher these days but I believe that is due early detection more so in the changes in treatment because the treatment seems to be the same.
Chemo and radiation.
This is the combination floating in my brain these days. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baked Ninjas

Ninja Cookie Cutters
I actually have these. 
The link below was where I got them and they seem to be the best price out there. 

I baked these!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ninja with a cause Monday part two

Please vote!
My friend deigned a shirt for a contest to raise money for Alex's Lemonaide Stand Foundation. It is a finalist. Please click the link below and vote please. If you want more information on Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation the link is below as well.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

At least I have my Ninja health

When things just don't go as planned. It can be sooooo annoying. You plan, you plot, you prepare.
Then the unexpected happens. Flat tire. Battery dies. That state inspection bill is massive. Car accident.
You lock yourself out of the house. Storm knocks down a tree on your property. The water heater dies. The basement gets flooded. Unexpected household annoyances are endless.
A negative co worker. Business slows. Lay offs. Unemployment. Endless job search.
Bills, bills, bills.

I am sure a Ninja has days and periods of time like this as well. Your plan does not go according to plan and you need adjust on the fly. Never giving up but at these times you may say, ”well at least I still have my health.” And you hope to God it's true. For there are many who, when life's unexpected glitches happen can't even say “At least I have my health.”
Life can be difficult at times throw in an illness, (I am not talking a cold) and life's struggle gets even more challenging. Especially if there is no cure as of yet. Or the cure is long, painful and draining. Giving up is not an option and they must forge on.

Since you do have your health take a moment and do a little something for someone who doesn't .
Donate, volunteer, spread the word in hopes a cure will be found. The cure will be less devastating on one's body. And better yet the illness came prevented all together.

Be strong

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

sweet ninja fun

So if you break down the picture it is not very well done. 
It isn't centered. There is clutter in the background.
But it still is a sweet picture in my opinion.
Have a sweet Ninja Fun Friday.

Be sweet

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All I need is three minutes

In my kickboxing class free sparring rounds are 3 minutes. This is where I find peace.
You may think it's doesn't make any sense. 
As I free spar, I find peace?
 As I block, slip, duck. Peace. As I punch, kick, move. Peace. As I get punched, get kicked, Peace.
But it does make sense. No other thought to crowd my brain. No thoughts of doubt or uncertainty.
Nothing else creeps into my thoughts. I do not think of the ongoing job search, how am I going to pay the bills. No thought of the fuel pump which needs to be replace. I do not think of the mistakes I have made or decision I have put off. Wonder if I am a good mom, friend, sister, wife.
The only focus is the fight. No room for anything else. All is well. Peace.

Some who know me also know submission grappling is my favorite class. They may ask, you do not find peace there? No. I do not. I find enjoyment but not peace. Too many thoughts run around inside my head when I grapple. And to be honest sometimes, lately, grappling makes me sad. My favorite grappling partner can not roll with me right now. Can not run drills with me. Can not giggle with me in our little corner of the mat. Enjoying each others passion for the martial arts. But I am patient and will wait to roll with her again.

No worries,
I still have my three minutes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ninja with a cause wants you to imagine


Imagine you are nausea, vomiting, and have stomach cramping. No you don't a stomach bug, this is your daily life causing malnutrition, dehydration and weight loss. You can not take a bite of food or a sip of liquid without getting horribly sick. You have to get your nutrition from artificial means like a PICC line to receive TPN nutrition. PICC line – Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. TPN – Total Parenteral Nutrition. So imagine again you feel like crap and now you need to be hooked up to and carry around a sort of IV for ten hours a day. I say sort of because it is actually a catheter, a long slender tube inserted in your arm, usually, and runs up into a large vein in your chest near you heart. We won't go into the anxiety over the risk of infection associated with PICC lines.

You are one of the estimated 5 million people in the U.S. with Gastroparesis and Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obtruction. And to your dismay these conditions are not understood and not recognize to many doctors. Causing misdiagnosis and drastic deterioration of many patients. Then you come to find out the FDA has greatly ignore these conditions. There are limited medications and what works for one does not work for all. The medications that are available are more so for symptom control then the underlying condition and making the stomach digest food again. Frustrating, isn't it? I am not one of these estimates 5 million but I know one who is and want to raise awareness because as I said before this condition does not get a lot of press. Have you heard of it? You have now.

Thank you for imagining

Be aware

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My New Ninja Minions


A gift from a friend

 Guarding Muttonhead the cat

 Muttonhead tolerates me

Friday, October 7, 2011

When Ninjas Get Married

Always have time for ninja fun.
Especially when it's a ninja getting married.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Combination Thursday

Note -Low round one - this is a round kick with your front leg. I like them because you can you stay in your stance and don't open your body up like with a low round two - this is with your back leg.

Combination - Low round one, low round one, low round one, Cross, hook, cross, power front one kick.

This combination actually I am trying to direct all their attention low to my front leg trying to tag them. Sometimes I throw more, it depends on my opponent. Once I see they are lowering their hands slightly and anticipating my low kick I actually start to lift my front leg as if I am going to throw my low round one but I actually step in and throw the cross, hook, cross. It works pretty good. Super Joshu taught me that little trick. I finish with the Power Front one because I almost always do because I like them. Everyone who spars me on a regular basis knows this. I am a bit predictable.

So that's the combination of the day. Do I do it perfectly? No. Do I keep trying? Yes. Would a Ninja do it perfectly? I am sure they would. One of the reasons I would rather be a Ninja.

Be happy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ninja, it's cold outside.

It is getting chilly out. I need a blankie! 
Not any blanket, my friends. 
I need a ninja blanket.

You just got to love cafepress!

Unfortunately they are $60. and they only come in white. 
But a ninja can dream of snugglely ninjas blankies. 

Ninjas don't put off till next week

I missed a whole week of blogging. Not cool. Not that it is essential to living but it is important. I blog to practice writing. To share a cause, a thought, a view, a fun purchase, a combination , a smile. How many times do we put things off we well should not? I am not talking just laundry. A call to an old friend. A call to an relative you have been meaning to contact. Visit family you have not seen in a long time. A physical. Exercise. Heck, checking our credit scores. Change the oil, rotate the tires. (apparently it is important). Is it because we don't have the time or don't bother making the time. Putting off til next week then the next then the next. Some procrastinate at home but not at work and some the other way around. Some it is a way of life. I have met a few who do not have this problem at all. I aspire to be like them.
So I was wondering if a ninja ever had the problem of procrastination.
Doubtful. Ninjas are the poster child for self discipline.

I'd rather be a Ninja.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ninja with a cause had a thought

While my husband was watching football, I noticed some players wearing pink gloves, shoes, equipment and other apparel. The cause they were supporting was Breast cancer awareness, of course. The campaign "A Crucial Catch" to promote annual screenings. Extremely important!!!!!!!!!!!!
Through the month of October you will see various players and coach wearing the stuff and it will be auctioned off. Proceeds to go to the American Cancer Society and team charities.
Their website 
This is an awesome idea.
I think they should do that for many other illnesses and diseases. I want to see them wearing lime green for Gastroparesis. Their website
I want them to wear the autism puzzle pattern.
I think they should do a different cause every month. Only seems fair.
There are so many to choose from unfortunately.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Not a happy ninja wanna be

So yesterday sucked. I tried to shake the mood but it would not leave me. It kept lingering. I could feel the tension in my nerve endings. Anxiety coursing through my veins. 
Today I woke feeling on edge. Not a way to wake up. So I started humming. 

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string
These are a few of my favorite things

But a little different version...

Ninjas and lizards and pirates and kittens
bright colored tee shirts and novels well written
Dancing with friends while we all try to sing
These are a few of my favorite things

(Like I am going to show a picture of me and my friends dancing. Yeah Right!)

So if you're down, sing a little and remember it is NINJA FUN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!