Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ninjas don't put off till next week

I missed a whole week of blogging. Not cool. Not that it is essential to living but it is important. I blog to practice writing. To share a cause, a thought, a view, a fun purchase, a combination , a smile. How many times do we put things off we well should not? I am not talking just laundry. A call to an old friend. A call to an relative you have been meaning to contact. Visit family you have not seen in a long time. A physical. Exercise. Heck, checking our credit scores. Change the oil, rotate the tires. (apparently it is important). Is it because we don't have the time or don't bother making the time. Putting off til next week then the next then the next. Some procrastinate at home but not at work and some the other way around. Some it is a way of life. I have met a few who do not have this problem at all. I aspire to be like them.
So I was wondering if a ninja ever had the problem of procrastination.
Doubtful. Ninjas are the poster child for self discipline.

I'd rather be a Ninja.

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  1. It's the ones that put off bathing that we need to be worried about :)