Monday, October 17, 2011

At least I have my Ninja health

When things just don't go as planned. It can be sooooo annoying. You plan, you plot, you prepare.
Then the unexpected happens. Flat tire. Battery dies. That state inspection bill is massive. Car accident.
You lock yourself out of the house. Storm knocks down a tree on your property. The water heater dies. The basement gets flooded. Unexpected household annoyances are endless.
A negative co worker. Business slows. Lay offs. Unemployment. Endless job search.
Bills, bills, bills.

I am sure a Ninja has days and periods of time like this as well. Your plan does not go according to plan and you need adjust on the fly. Never giving up but at these times you may say, ”well at least I still have my health.” And you hope to God it's true. For there are many who, when life's unexpected glitches happen can't even say “At least I have my health.”
Life can be difficult at times throw in an illness, (I am not talking a cold) and life's struggle gets even more challenging. Especially if there is no cure as of yet. Or the cure is long, painful and draining. Giving up is not an option and they must forge on.

Since you do have your health take a moment and do a little something for someone who doesn't .
Donate, volunteer, spread the word in hopes a cure will be found. The cure will be less devastating on one's body. And better yet the illness came prevented all together.

Be strong

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