Thursday, November 24, 2011

Little Ninja's Thanksgiving

Made some new friends.
 This is Frank. His dad is a turkey and his mom is an ostrich. 

Some chat over a glass of wine, we sat on the wine as we chatted 

Had a cocktail

Ate some turkey
(hope it wasn't frank's dad)

Ate some ham 

Ate a little more turkey 

The jello mold was delicious 


Biscuits were perfect! 
(I made them) 

Homemade pumpkin pie and praline pumpkin pie
Need I say more? I thought not.

Leftovers were stacking up in the frig
Do you see me? 

Dishes, dishes, and more dishes
Do you see me?
Not likely, Ninjas know how and definitely when to make themselves disappear. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was as delightful as mine and you didn't get stuck doing the dishes.

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