Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shadow Kick Boxing Anyone?

Shadow kick boxing is great for dissecting your technique. I know quite a few people who are not fans. I wonder if they know how incredibly important it is. You go slow and break down each movement making sure you are keeping your hands up. Extending fully. Hips are turning. Head is moving. Making sure your weight is where it is suppose to be. You lose your balance shadow kick boxing, guess what your weight is not in the right place or your stance is wrong or you are too tense. Throwing kicks slowly is a great way to improve your balance. Try throwing a front kick in four counts. 1. knee up. 2 extend kick. 3. retract kick back to knee up position. 4. put leg back down where it started. (remember all this is done with hands up.) It will also strengthen your muscles as well.
After awhile you gradually you add speed to your shadow kick boxing but be very conscious of your technique. Because in the end it is a simple equation. Technique + Speed = Power!
I know people who say hitting something is important. Sure it is. Hitting the heavy bag, the pads, and your sparring partner are very important for different reasons. But I find shadow kick boxing and sparring are the two places you will recognize your mistakes in your techniques quickly.

It just like anything else you need to practice, rehearse, prepare, drill, hone your skills. In business and you have a presentation to give. You would be prepared and knowledgeable. Same thing but more fun.

Be cool

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