Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Philadelphia Flower Show 2012 and a lil Ninja

Where the heck do we get off?

Choo Choo

Let's go to the map

pretty pretty begins
These annoying signs were almost everywhere limiting ninja photo shoot.

Lil Hamster Ninja wanna be came too

This really needs to be in my back yard.

Love the smell of tulips but the whole place smelled wonderful. Even the train ride home was smelled pleasant.

Be a tourist

Thursday, March 8, 2012

tired ninja in training

Too tired to think.
Too tired to blog.

Lots to say but no real energy.
Will resume blogs shortly when I adjust to crazy new work schedules.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

 So a few years ago I ran across this picture online and right clicked and selected save as image. I love this picture. I do not know the artist. I wish I did so I could give him or her  credit.
As you see I cropped the individual images and saved them to my computer so when it goes into my picture screen saver I can see them put up individually. What can I say but they make me smile. I do wish I knew the artist. 

I have many pictures I right click and save to my computer. Lots of ninja pictures as you can imagine. Of course the cute animal pics are a favorite of mine as well. I am ashamed to say I am sucker for baby bunnies. I love the aaawww effect. 

Great ninja I'd be. Totally would be saying "awww bunny" from the shadows if a bunny hopped on by; giving my location up to the evil doers I was commissioned to bring to justice.  Sad but true. 

Off to google images. I am thinking ninja pirate bunnies search. 

Be silly