Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's combination

Chemo and Radiation is the combination.

My mother had breast cancer as did my aunt (her sister) and my grandmother. My sister has breast cancer and my other sister had lung cancer. 
(there are others with breast cancer but not as closely related and really not relevant to my thought)
My mother's and aunt's treatment was chemo and radiation. My sister with breast cancer presently is being treated by chemo and radiation. My other sister who had lung cancer had chemo and radiation treatment too. 
No idea what my grandmother's treatment was.
My mother died of breast cancer 27 years ago. My sister died of lung cancer 15 years ago. My other sister is battling breast cancer now.

Now here's my thought. After all these years and all the money donated to breast cancer and lung cancer.There has been a lot. The causes are highly publicized and in turn must receive a good amount of money for research. You would think maybe the treatment would have changed. I do realize that survival is much higher these days but I believe that is due early detection more so in the changes in treatment because the treatment seems to be the same.
Chemo and radiation.
This is the combination floating in my brain these days. 

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