Thursday, October 6, 2011

Combination Thursday

Note -Low round one - this is a round kick with your front leg. I like them because you can you stay in your stance and don't open your body up like with a low round two - this is with your back leg.

Combination - Low round one, low round one, low round one, Cross, hook, cross, power front one kick.

This combination actually I am trying to direct all their attention low to my front leg trying to tag them. Sometimes I throw more, it depends on my opponent. Once I see they are lowering their hands slightly and anticipating my low kick I actually start to lift my front leg as if I am going to throw my low round one but I actually step in and throw the cross, hook, cross. It works pretty good. Super Joshu taught me that little trick. I finish with the Power Front one because I almost always do because I like them. Everyone who spars me on a regular basis knows this. I am a bit predictable.

So that's the combination of the day. Do I do it perfectly? No. Do I keep trying? Yes. Would a Ninja do it perfectly? I am sure they would. One of the reasons I would rather be a Ninja.

Be happy

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