Monday, October 3, 2011

Ninja with a cause had a thought

While my husband was watching football, I noticed some players wearing pink gloves, shoes, equipment and other apparel. The cause they were supporting was Breast cancer awareness, of course. The campaign "A Crucial Catch" to promote annual screenings. Extremely important!!!!!!!!!!!!
Through the month of October you will see various players and coach wearing the stuff and it will be auctioned off. Proceeds to go to the American Cancer Society and team charities.
Their website 
This is an awesome idea.
I think they should do that for many other illnesses and diseases. I want to see them wearing lime green for Gastroparesis. Their website
I want them to wear the autism puzzle pattern.
I think they should do a different cause every month. Only seems fair.
There are so many to choose from unfortunately.

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  1. That is very cool! And I think your idea is a good one