Saturday, February 26, 2011

Origin of the word Ninja

The word ninja comes from two Kanji characters.
They can be read in two different ways.
Native Japanese or a Chinese - derived word.
Native Japanese the characters read shinobi and mono. When these two words are out together you need to add a linking word no. Thus it translate to shinobi no mono.
Chinese derived word, the character translate nin and sha. Pronounced, you guessed it, Ninja.
Now the words shinobi and nin mean "stealth" or "quiet action".  But they also mean "to endure"
Sha and mono both mean "person"
So the Kanji characters if you read them in either native Japanese or the Chinese derive word meaning "a person skilled in stealth" or "one who endures."

How cool is that?
Just sayin'

Be stealthy and endure.
Be Ninja

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ninja Fun Friday is the best day.

"Any left in there, Blue Ninja?" Grey Ninja asks.
"No beer in here and my head is stuck. Can you help a ninja out?" asks Blue Ninja.
"Love to but I'm stuck too. I hope Red ninja get here soon." 
"Me too. I really gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In my head.
In my head
In my head
          Usually I am okay about being in my head visiting the many worlds that reside there. Within these worlds is a cast of characters.There are vampires, werewovles, shapeshifters, demons, witches, dragons, elves, knights, wizards and great warriors, especially Ninjas. While vacuuming a Knight excepts a daring quest and sets off into a dangerous land to save his kingdom from destruction. Folding laundry a great battle is being fought. Cleaning the kitchen a ninjas warrior uses her stealth and knowledge to penetrate the enemy camp and assassinate the evil demons who have killed her family and many others from her village. Food shopping, our hero discovers a vampire is residing in her building. What shall she do? Is he a threat? Should she just leave him be and pretend she is unaware? Yep, usually not so bad.
          When kick boxing it is a whole other story. Not a good thing at all. Not that I am in one of my many worlds. I focus in the real world. I work on my technique and timing. Moving and rhythm. Some people I have no problem, winning or losing, keeping my head in the game. But some people I lose focus. My technique goes out the window and down the street for a cup of coffee. It's because I am in my head. There only a few fighters that this occurs with. I do not fear them. I do not dislike them. I actually like them very much and respect their abilities. It is weird I do not fight my fight, I seem to be fighting theirs. I will change this. I need to spar with these fighters more often. I always knew Kick Boxing was not just a physical sport but a mental one too. Some days it just more evident.

         Well need to go switch the laundry and fight a werewolf.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got rhythm

             One, two, three, four, One, two, three, four, One, Jab, three, four, Jab, two, three, four, Cross, two, three, four, One, Cross, three, four, Jab/Cross, two, three, four, One, Jab/Cross, three, four, One, two, Jab/Cross, four, One, two, three, Jab/Cross, Round kick!

It is important to have rhythm, cadence, movement in kick boxing and in life. Don't stand still, keep moving.
A fighter who stands still gets hit. A stagnant life breeds negativity. Keep moving.

one, two three,    five, six, seven, one, two three,    five, six, seven, one, two three,    five, six, seven, one, two three,    five, six, seven, one, two three,    five, six, seven, one, two three,    five, six, seven,

No. Not Kick boxing. Not Boxing.


A Ninja gotta to dance!

Monday, February 14, 2011

breathtaking start to the day

I woke this morning to the usual sounds in the house. But through the blinds I saw light. It was not still dark. Checked the clock. Didn't over sleep. The sun is rising earlier. YES! I get up to get my son out of bed. I heard his alarm a little earlier but did not hear him shuffling about getting ready for school. I entered his room and was immediately drawn to the window. The outside had a pink hue. Looking out the window I saw the most beautiful sunrise. The sky was blue, pink and light purple. Stunning. I stood and just stared at it. It made me smile. The sight warmed me and made me feel good. Made me feel lucky as well that I have the opportunity and ability to witness this sight this morning. As I continued to take in the colorful dawn, I began to think of people in my life and have meet throughout it. The ones who are like the amazing sunrise this morning. They shine and make the world a little brighter and little more beautiful. I am very lucky. I am surrounded by some spectacular rays of sunshine. Family, friends and their children who by just knowing them I feel I shine a little brighter myself.

That is how my day started. After the husband left for work and the kids were off to school I began my daily routine. Continuing my ninjas training I honed my shuriken skills. Shuriken are better know these days as throwing stars but the word actually means hand hidden blade or behind hand knife. Once I was satisfied with my progress with them I retrieved my Katana and.....
Just kidding. I actually did my computer work, scrubbed the oven, cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and the rest of the house.  Not as exciting but needed to be done. I wonder if ninjas clean their oven themselves.

Shine bright in someone's life.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ninjas + Friday = Fun

"Hey, watch my drink, I'll be right back."

Never leave your drink unattended

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

blame it on the lighting

There is good lighting and there is bad lighting.
When you look in a mirror and say, "Hey, I look pretty good." Good lighting.
When you look in a mirror and say, "Yikes, I look like death" Bad lighting
My house has good lighting
Department stores have bad lighting.
My brother's kitchen has great lighting. My sister in law and I comment on it frequently. I swear we look fifteen years younger. We hang out in the kitchen a lot.
I think I will go to my brother's house this weekend.

So remember it could just be the lighting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is your cat stress free?

The newest addition to our family is Boo, the kitten. He's six months old. His eye has been messed up. I am assuming from a scratch he got wrestling with the other cats. All fun and games till someone loses an eye. Well he didn't lose it but it became inflamed and looks pretty bad. So I took him to the Vet. Well in the end it turns out he has feline herpes. Yep, feline herpes. who know? But here's what struck me funny. The vet said to make sure Boo, the kitten isn't stressed. It may prolong the healing of the irritation around his eye and the sore on his lips and in his mouth. Of course to limited the stress in the future as well because stress could cause another outbreak. The vet is telling me this and it takes everything in me not to laugh. I bit my lower lip and nodded my head. I could not speak, not even to ask a question because I knew once I opened my mouth I would of gotten a serious case of the giggles.

I am sorry what is a cat's life if not stress free. Boo is fed twice a day. Whenever Boo requires attention he just stands by someone and he is picked up and cuddled, guaranteed  You walk in the house, you don't get three feet in to the door and Boo comes running and lays down at your feet expecting and getting a nice pet.  He runs around and plays throughout the house. He has two other cat playmates always on call. If he gets tire suddenly, he will just plop down where he stands and takes a nap. Or he finds the closest human and treats them like his personal bed. His day consists of eating , playing, sleeping, and grooming himself over and over again. Boo, the kitten hasn't had a stressful day sine he was brought into my house and became an indoor cat. My life should be so lucky and care free.

Have to go now, it's time for Boo's aroma therapy and paw massage.

Monday, February 7, 2011

keep on blogging

Next Blog >>  I click that button a lot.

I find it very interesting all the different blogs I encounter. There are so many types of blogs out there. Probably due to all the different types of people. There are Family blogs, Writer's blogs, Religious blogs, Band blogs, Artist Blogs, Causes blogs, Sharing your personal insight blogs and so many more. Some I don't get but I am sure there are plenty of people who do. I find it all so entertaining. Some blogs I click on by quickly. Some will catch my eye. I will read a few of their blogs and move on. If I really like it I follow it and check back in everyday. I enjoy the diversity. I like seeing how different people see the world. I learn little tidbits on the way. I have friends who have blogs and it has become part of my daily routine to check out their thoughts of the day.

I recommend the Next Blog button. It is a doorway into the thoughts and lives of people you never would of heard of if they had not decided to blog. You may have come across my blog by way of the Next Blog>> button.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little Mexican will do. I meant food, people!!!!!!

Today I was clipping coupons and making my shopping list. Yeah, I know not very ninja like. I tried to look at it as a Ninja. Really I did. A Ninja would carefully plan his or hers mission in advance to every detail. But going to the grocery store and getting the most for my money was a stretch. A very big stretch. But I digress. So while I was clipping coupons in the living room my husband was watching the ID channel. Investigation Discovery. Well let me tell you I got sucked in. The first show was a cold case. I got really involved. But I was expecting a conclusion. They hadn't solved the case yet. It ended with no real answer. WTF. (Excuse my language.) The next three shows, ( I said I got sucked in) were of vicious murders and their investigations. Some people are cold evil beings. It was all very depressing. So I made my husband take me out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Drinks and good meal can make life so much more appealing. Our anniversary is next week. So we just celebrated early. All good. So I was thinking as I ate a spectacular meal....simple pleasures can make life okay sometimes. I looked around the restaurant and did the math. Yeah there are really bad people in the world and in the news. But there are more good people than bad, they just don't get the press.
Just in case you didn't know.

Remember enjoy the simple pleasures of life, evil always gets the press and $1.00 off a six pack of Snapple rocks.  (;)

Enjoy life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ninjas on board

"Do the ninjas make my butt look big?"
"No, your butt make the ninjas look small."

Ninja Fun Friday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's blog is brought to you by the word, Perspective

"Mom, can I play video games?" My thirteen year old son asked this morning. (snow day)
"Clean your room, first." I responded.
He goes to his room and returns.
"I am done." He informs me.
"Did you put your clean laundry away?" I asked.
He goes back to his room and a couple minutes tick by and he returns.
"I am done." He informs me again.
"Did you make your bed?" I ask him.
He turns and goes back to his room. He returns a minute later.
"I am done." He says sounding a little exasperated.
Without looking I say, "What about the dirty dishes?"
"There are no dirty dishes."
"Check please." I say knowing there is dirty glass on his dresser.
He turns and goes back to his room yet again. He returns with a glass and two bowls.
"I. AM. DONE." Noticeably frustrated at this point.
"Let's see." I turn and go to his room. I look under the bed. "Please get the rest of the dishes and the clothes from under your bed and then you will be done. Thank you." I smiled. He frowned.

I realize his idea of what constitutes clean is not the same as mine. Perspective.

Later that same day.......
I was waiting to get an x-ray this afternoon. Sitting in the waiting room with me were a few people. One person was and elderly woman, early seventies, with her was a woman in her forties. Her ride.
A very good looking man dressed in scrubs walks in the waiting room. He was at least six three, extremely fit. Probably in his mid thirties. Did I mention he was good looking? He heads straight for the elderly woman and her ride. I figure maybe this is her doctor. The elderly woman looks up and starts to smile. She taps her ride on the forearm and says, "Oh oh oh, Jan." She said excited. "This is my baby boy. Thomas." Jan stood and said hello and walked off so Thomas could sit with his mom. Apparently Thomas works in the ER in the hospital and knew his mother had appointment and just wanted to stop by to see how she was. It was a quick visit. Thomas had to return to the ER.
Just before he leaves Thomas's mom asks him, "Did you just come up here to see me?"
"Yes, Mom."
She pats the side of his face, gently and says, "Thomas, you are a good boy."
He smiles and says, "I have to go."
"Do a good job." She tells him as he stands.
"I will. I love you, Mom." Thomas leans down and kisses his mom good bye.

When I and every other woman in the that waiting looked at Thomas, we saw good looking successful man.
To his mother, he is her baby boy, Thomas. A good boy as well. Perspective strikes again.

Views are so subjective.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a little humor please.......

What did the Algebra book say to the Social Studies book?

-I got problems.

What? I said little.