Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whatever happened to _______?

Browsing the blogs the other night via the next blog button I came upon many blogs that had not been updated for very long time. I am talking like a year or more. I wondered about the bloggers and why they discontinued. Did they have nothing else to share? Did they grow tired of blogging? Did they create a new blog and abandon this one? Of course my cryptic side wondered if they died.
There were three particular blogs that caught my attention that night. One was by a young woman whose post had an underline of despair in them. She was struggling finding the good side of life. Her vision was blurred by the negative in the world unable to see all the good. I hope someone she knew or knows cleaned the smudges of despair for her soul so she could see all the beauty in the world.
The next blog was actually by a minister. His last post was very sad. It was a good bye to the blogging world. Stating his home life and ministry were not doing well and he had to focus on fixing them. I was confused how his blog had a negative effect on his ministry and his family. It wasn't a stupid little blog like mine. It was more about spreading the word of God and helping people in need. I hope he chose the right path to find happiness
The last blog that caught my eye that had not been updated since 2009. The blogger was a middle aged, blue collar worker. I enjoyed his blog the most. I went back in his archives and read and read and read. I enjoyed his views on the world and his sense of humor. He blogged for years and then it just stopped. I wondered if he died.
It is an odd thing being sucked into others' lives and you don't even know them. Smiling at a strangers fun adventure they posted or sadden by their misfortune. Sometimes I feel like a stalker, especially when you run across a family blog and there daily lives but then again we put it out there for others to see. I hit the next blog button quickly on "Billy's"  first birthday or the "Smith's" family vacation. Feel too creeperish.
There are some great informative blogs out there probably for whatever interests you. I like the ones on writing. I enjoy the photography ones too. There is some real talent out there and some not so much. But who doesn't enjoy a pretty picture.

I blogged enough on blogging today.

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