Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Moving Target is Harder to Hit.

Thursdays I usually blog about combinations but a crucial part of throwing a kick boxing combination is movement.

I watch certain fighters kick boxing and their movement is spellbinding
They have it down to an art form. Beautiful and graceful but within that beauty and grace is power and technique which will annihilate you. Moving in and out of range with such finesse and ease is mesmerizing. The fluidity in their motion adding to the devastation of their strikes. Movement is an art form, there is no doubt in my mind.

There are many kickboxing/ life analogies. The importance of movement in life is what I am contemplating today. You have to move, duck, and slip. Absorb the punches life throws at you. If you just stand there flat footed and let life pound on you, you are just taking a beating. Not fun. But if you move around, in and out throw your own punches and kicks making it your fight. Controlling your life. Seeing things at different angles, seeing openings you would not see if you just stood stationary. So much more enjoyable.

Be fluid

( my kick boxing art form is more like scribble but I am trying really hard to paint a pretty picture. )

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