Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All I need is three minutes

In my kickboxing class free sparring rounds are 3 minutes. This is where I find peace.
You may think it's doesn't make any sense. 
As I free spar, I find peace?
 As I block, slip, duck. Peace. As I punch, kick, move. Peace. As I get punched, get kicked, Peace.
But it does make sense. No other thought to crowd my brain. No thoughts of doubt or uncertainty.
Nothing else creeps into my thoughts. I do not think of the ongoing job search, how am I going to pay the bills. No thought of the fuel pump which needs to be replace. I do not think of the mistakes I have made or decision I have put off. Wonder if I am a good mom, friend, sister, wife.
The only focus is the fight. No room for anything else. All is well. Peace.

Some who know me also know submission grappling is my favorite class. They may ask, you do not find peace there? No. I do not. I find enjoyment but not peace. Too many thoughts run around inside my head when I grapple. And to be honest sometimes, lately, grappling makes me sad. My favorite grappling partner can not roll with me right now. Can not run drills with me. Can not giggle with me in our little corner of the mat. Enjoying each others passion for the martial arts. But I am patient and will wait to roll with her again.

No worries,
I still have my three minutes.

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