Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you couldn't wait one more second?

At least once a day I walk by the microwave, door open and one second left on the timer. Never fails. What this means is my  teenage son made a microwave pizza (10 for $10) as a snack and just couldn't wait one more second to eat it. It takes 3 minutes to cook. If he put it in for 2 minute and 59 second would he still stop it a second before it beeps? I would say yes.
It is a now world. It has become difficult to wait. Even one second more.
Technology is responsible. I am not going to go into if this is a bad thing or a good thing. Not my thing. I enjoy the benefits of technology and guilty of checking my email,  Facebook and favorite websites throughout the day. If I want to know the weather I go online and find out now. I do not wait for the end of the news program. The whole concept of waiting for information is alien to my kids.
But what I do warn my kids about is to WAIT for all the facts. Because information is fast and furious these days and before you react make sure ALL information is available. Process it and vet it. (Vet -to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity,validity.) 
Because that's what a Ninja would do. 
Ninjas do not proceed, act, or initiate a plan on hearsay. They have patience to make sure all information is validated to make an intelligent decision. To develop a well thought out plan of action. A ninja would not respond in a rash fashion. 

Be patient

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