Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the cats will have to do

I love dogs. I love cats too but in my heart I am a dog person. Unfortunately my husband is allergic to dogs. So I have three cats. I may be over compensating.
The cats names are as follows  Muttonhead, Nightshade, and Bug a boo.
Muttonhead is easygoing, chill kind of cat.
Nightshade is the prissy little girl with serious attitude.
Bug a boo, simple put is insane.

I do enjoying watching kitty grappling (wrestling)
Cats are great ninjas. They are stealthy. They have amazing balance so they can maneuver over many obstacles. I have watched them lay low and wait for their intended victim for long periods of time. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce on them.  At another time I will go into the whole cat ninja thing later.

 The link below my daughter hooked me up with. It has to do with a kitty.
My daughter loves cats. After viewing the video. I was in a cat video mood. So I took sometime to YouTube.
I can not tell how many videos out there are Labeled - Funniest cat video ever or something to that effect.
Most were marginally entertaining. Some were really bad. The one below, my daughter hooked up with, is smile worthy and entertaining.  Enjoy


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