Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm how old? No really. Yikes!

For the most part I do not mind getting older. For the most part.
The first look in the mirror in the beginning of the day can be....well...... an eye opener. Yikes! The dark discoloration under your eyes really stands out. The "crows feet" wrinkles  and "laugh lines" wrinkles seem a little deeper. The grays hairs you keep saying you are going to touch up are standing straight up saying "well good morning old lady." ( they are very rude and disrespectful that way )
If I was out and about the night before, and God forbid, had a few drinks you can just multiply the signs of aging three times the next morning and the following three mornings as well.
I have various aches and pains. Some random and other normal signs of aging. Aging sounds of clicks and pops coming from a knee or hip. Sometimes an elbow depending how I move. A groan, an umph are aging sounds heard too.
When Kick boxing age is evident in speed or the lack there of. Just not as fast as the younger fighters. No getting around it. My strategy is older and wiser. The confidence acquired by age and the confidence I acquired from Martial arts training make me an aggressive fighter. Patience and observation is key. You may say aggressive and patience doesn't make sense together.
But it does because as I steadily move in throwing basic techniques seeing how they react and defend. When do they drop their hands? Do they check my kicks or lean into them and absorb the force? What combinations do they like to throw? Where am I screwing up? When I am getting hit? How must I adjust? With the acquired knowledge I step up the fight. I move even more aggressive to achieve my goal. Winning.
I kick box the way I live my life. Always learning. Then I take that knowledge and use it to my advantage.
And you know what, I am pretty old. I have learned a lot and will use all knowledge to my advantage.
I plan to win the game of life.

Keep learning. Use what you've learned

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