Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going Ninja

I am a very peaceful person. Truly I am. But sometimes, yes sometimes I would like to Go Ninja. When someone insults you, or are amazing rude and inconsiderate. Co workers throwing you under the bus. Bosses not appreciating all that you have done and sacrificed for the company. The list can go on and on.
In my head I jump in the air, throwing a round kick to their head then I draw my sword and swoosh the body drops and their head rolls across the floor. They are not rude, inconsiderate, condescending or insulting anymore. Like you never had thoughts like that before. Talking to someone and you just want to shake them, punch them in the mouth or smack them upside the head. I just put a little ninja spin on it.
But it is all in my head. I am a big believer in karma. You get what you give. The universe is patient and bides it's time. So if you think you are getting away with your bad behavior and you think you are above the simple rules of respect, consideration and appreciation of others. You are so wrong. Because when the universe finally decides to smack you up side your head, it is so gonna leave a mark.

On the outside stay calm, be cool.
On the inside there is nothing wrong with going a little ninja on their a$$.
And know the universe is the most lethal ninja there is and always wins in the end.

Be cool
Be well
Be stealthy

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  1. Nicely said. It's like you are in my brain reading my thoughts.