Saturday, January 29, 2011

wonderful, first rate, very good....

Today was a great day.
Did I get a new car? No.
Did I magically lose ten pounds? No.
Did I get my dream job? No.
Did I get huge inheritance from an unknown relative. No.
Did I win he lottery? No.
Actually I .....
Taught a good class. (Karate heart beating strong)
Trained hard. (Block, back hand uppercut, hook, cross)
Got done what I needed on a Saturday, including a little video games. (Mini Ninjas)
Spent a wonderful time with my seventeen year old daughter. (Found rare video game and went to dinner)
Today was a great day.

You may think it is pretty low key.
I think I am lucky to have these experiences.
It's all relative I suppose, but imagine if for some reason you were unable to experience the simple pleasures of life.
Today would be pretty awesome.
Shared knowledge.
Improved upon my skill.
Accomplished my responsibilities.
Connected with my daughter.
Yep. Today was a great day.

Be great

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  1. Love your perspective on life. This is why we are friends. :)