Saturday, January 22, 2011

Was that part of the plan?

Household chores done - check
Saturday errands done - check
Family fed - check
Laptop on - check (obviously)
Ipod fully charged and to  my left - check
Adult beverage on my right - check 
Pajamas on - check
Favorite blanket across my lap - check
What does all that mean?
It's time to blog, people. Are you with me?
Later...late night video games. Mini Ninjas is on the schedule for tonight.

Routines, Habits, Rituals.
Everyone has them if they know it or not. They may be barely noticeable but they are there.
I like routine. I like knowing what I need to do, how I am going to accomplish it. This is what I do Saturday. I know before I sit down with my Saturday night ritual certain things have been done and accomplished. Responsibilities have been fulfilled due to my Saturday's routine. It is a habit. 
But there is nothing like a surprise. An unexpected event. A wrench in the machine. A glitch in the road. 
Everyone has them as well. It makes life a little more exciting. A little more unpredictable. Are you up for the challenge? Can you deal with the uncertainty of the situation? Yep.
 I am curious to what will happen now. What will be my role and how will it all effect me?  
Life can be such an adventure. I am my own superhero. My cape is tied on tight and I will conquer all adversaries life throws at me. 
Kind of like a......NINJA!  
They have a plan but when things do not go as expected they don't give up, they adjust their strategy and still get the mission completed.

Here's to unexpected glitches in the road. It may be bumpy but what a ride, my friends.

Be your own superhero.

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