Thursday, January 13, 2011


Driving my teenage son to school this cold winter morning, because he missed the the bus; I contemplated the word Stealth. Another trait befitting a Ninja. It's definition is secret, clandestine, or surreptitious procedure. I found this morning was a perfect opportunity to test my stealth ability. But is was not about moving about secretly and out of sight. It was about blending in with the masses this morning not being notice. Just another car on the road. Just another mom driving her teen to school. I called it blending into the shadows of society. So I drove the five to ten miles per hour above the speed limit like everybody else. I used my turn signals diligently. I watch all cars around me so not to be involved in any type of vehicular accident. 
I am please to report I was successful in my endeavor. I was not notice in my early morning excursion. Now you may ask why was it so important not to be noticed this morning? Well when you're wearing flannel Tigger Pajama pants, a tee shirt that says 'I'd rather be a ninja', hiking boots and an old sweatshirt. Obviously not showered and a brush barely ran through your hair, you so don't want to be  noticed.

Be Stealthy

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