Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So I had a plan

Sometimes it’s good to get mad. To be upset and angered by the injustices in the world. It motivates you do something about it. Make a difference.

But sometimes it is just a waste of energy. Like this morning.  Kid one and kid two both missed their buses. Both. There was no real good reason for it. One was distracted by the cats. Yeah, that is why. The other was apprehensive about going to school and the stall tactics caused the missed bus. As I began my drive taking the kids to their individual schools, I was fuming. I had a great deal scheduled to do today before work. Now I was behind schedule and a couple of things were just not going to get done.  I was sitting at a red light I was thinking I hate feeling mad. Tense muscles and negative thoughts. Grrrr. And that’s when it occurred to me I really needed to let it go. Staying mad wasn’t going to change anything. We were all still running late. Things still weren’t going to get done no matter how mad I got. At that moment I was no longer mad because my time is precious. I will not waste it being angry if it accomplishes nothing. I believe that is what a ninja would do. Unexpected events happen to interfere with your plans, you deal and go with the flow and continue on your mission. 
My mission? 
I have many. 

Be cool

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