Monday, January 2, 2012

Ninja with a cause 2012

I was on the G-Pact Facebook page the other day. There was a picture and the text on it said "Nauseous because I haven't eaten all day. Haven't eaten all day because I am nauseous." The words keep rolling around in my head. Perpetual nausea. I try to wrap my head around it. I think of times when I am nauseous but it ends. The germs that infiltrated my body to cause my nausea die off, leave, whatever. The point is it will end.
With gastroparesis it is not a germ making you nauseous. Your digestive tract is not working correctly causing the nausea. Now granted I just totally broke it down to the simplest terms. There is extensive reasons for the nausea but I will save those explanations for the more qualified.

So I would like you to imagine today what it would be like if you were the one saying "Nauseous because I haven't eaten all day. Haven't eaten all day because I am nauseous." And you say this 24/7. But you can't stay home in bed or curl up on the couch under a blankie till you feel better. You have to go work and take of your family and try to live a "normal" life.
My wish for the new year is they just don't find better ways to treat the nausea better but a cure for the underlining cause of the nausea, gastroparesis.

Be Well

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