Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scrabble Anyone?

I love scrabble. I am not very good at it considering I am a god awful speller.
(Thank goodness for the red squiggly line)
Of course I rarely win but I do have a really good time playing. I enjoy playing cards too. Some cards games I am better at and win more often than not. Some I lose every time I play. Still enjoy playing the game and the interaction with others.
I can't imagine not doing something because I may lose. To never try something because I was afraid to fail. Failure is part of life and an amazing learning tool. I know this because I have learned a great deal through my forty plus years. Some lessons I have learned more than once. I am silly that way.

Trying some new things this year. Just love me a little adventure. 
Win or lose. Pass or fail. At least I tried.

Be adventurous

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  1. Loves me some dad used to whoop us in that game when we were kids (and still does)... He is one of those people that knows all those obscur words and all those crazy words that you can spell with Q and not have a U.