Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ninja Menu

Push front kick with the left leg into the abdomen,  low round kick with the right leg straight across the thigh, high round kick with the right leg to the head and follow up with a cross to the head.

Main Course
Double jab to the head, cross, hook to the body, cross to the head, low round kick with the right leg, low round kick with the left leg, power front kick with left leg, power front kick with the right leg, landing back in a perfect defensive stance.

As the opponent charges you; drop low, step the left leg in between the opponent's legs, driving the left shoulder into the stomach, lace arms around each leg, step up with the right leg and push and drive to the left, the moment your opponent's shoulder hits the floor throw the right leg in a high leg move to the other side of your body arching your back, driving the your left shoulder into their stomach, flip back quickly into the side mount, waste no time and bring the right knee up on the belly and slide over into the mount position.


1 comment:

  1. Your attackers wouldn't make it past the appetizer and most certainly would not be eligible for dessert if they got to the main course!