Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Missing a day

Where the heck did Tuesday go?
I remember Monday and today is accounted for but what happened to Tuesday.
I hope I accomplished a lot because it is all a blur now. 

Days fly by.
Weeks fly by.
Heck, the month of January is at its end. 
I hope I do not wake up tomorrow and ask where the heck did the year go.
I do not wish to rise one morning in December 2012 and say where did the year go?
Not accomplishing goals I have set for myself. Not enjoying life but treading water of a humdrum, boring life. Not being able to say that was the best year EVER! 
That is my life goal, to be able to say 'best year of my life' every year because it just keeps getting better. 
Well that goal and becoming a ninja, of course. 
I will be honest some years have been less than eventful and I have only myself to blame. I have shamefully let the stresses and the boredom of daily routine of responsibility to hinder me. Becoming stagnant. 
Now I like to go with the flow and enjoy making waves, occasionally. 
My ninja training is always exciting and challenging.
My new job is refreshing and new.
New side business is fun.
Awesome friends.
Cool Husband
Great kids
Yes, I do believe when December 2012 rolls around I will be saying, best freaking year ever!
(cause I will make it the best)

Be responsible but make sure you have fun too.

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