Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pretty pretty butterfly

I find it interesting how little changes can have a big ripple of effects. How one's choice can alter other's decisions and lives. The "Butterfly effect" or more technically the, "sensitive dependence on initial conditions" is the essence of chaos. But it is referred to the weather more often. A butterfly flaps its wings in South American can effect the weather in central park, New York. Well it definitely can be related to people and life as well. ( there have been many movies with this theme) Some changes it's not so hard to roll with. Others can be so much more difficult. Some people's changes cause you to make some big changes of your own. Causing others to make changes in their lives. Then we can call it the snowball effect. :) whatever you call it, it is simple concept, life is constantly changing. Be it subtle or with a big bang. The only thing you can't change is change is inevitable.
I took this picture on Wednesday in NC at the Botanical Gardens, I wonder if the butterfly in this picture caused the storms in PA on Friday. Hmmm.
Be strong
Be smart
Be silly

The sites I looked up the information on the butterfly effect. If you're interested.

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