Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can you spell that for me?

I have a friend who has this disease called Gastroparesis.
I can barely spell it let alone pronounce it. She explains in simple terms it means paralyzed stomach.
I looked on her facebook page and saw she changed her profile picture to the imagine below.
(DTP means Digestive Tract Paralysis- I looked it up.)
Yeah I am not the smartest ninja wanna be on the block.

So I asked myself the question. Then I asked what if I could NOT eat. I love food. I love to eat. It is one of the basic pleasures in my life. Sometimes too pleasurable, hence the fifteen extra pounds around my belly. I went to a bridal shower on Sunday and yes it was about bride but hey what about the food. People sitting and standing and munching. 
"Oh did you try this? It's delicious."
"Yes I know. The salad is out of this world."
"The selection of tea sandwiches is heavenly."
"The spicy pickles are spectacular."
"We must split a gourmet cupcake or two."
Then I realize food is a social tool as well. I went to the the website - G-pact.org and read more about not just the physical but social effects it causes. 
This disease is devastating in so many ways. But lets face it it does not get the press the big diseases get like Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes. (And they are much easier to pronounce.) 
Do not get me wrong research and awareness are important in all diseases but I would like to get a little more press out there about this one. 
Ponder and wonder today if you were unable to eat or worried you may not be able to eat tomorrow. How would your body survive? How would it effect your state of mind? 

Be healthy

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  1. :/ I'm laying here on my couch crying right now. Your synopsis of the shower - you couldn't be more spot on - which adds to the stress of this condition. Bosses wanting to have work lunches, families getting together to celebrate, friends getting together for food/drinks, etc. - I don't think we realize how many things in our lives revolve around food. Thank you my friend for this blog, all though it made me cry it was nice to see that someone who doesn't have the condition understands it a little more - or at least some of the stuff that goes through my mind.