Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One powerful cross (not the religious kind)

I got hit pretty hard in Kick boxing class tonight in free sparring. Strong straight cross.
It's cool. It happens. It's all good.
There is a reason Sensei yells, "keep your chin down!" I can guarantee if my chin was up I would have gone down. But my chin was down and my hands were up. The amazing cross plowing through my hands, hitting my fore head and skimming down my face.

Sometimes life throws some punches. Sometimes we block. Sometimes we get hit. Sometimes we are hit pretty damn hard. We may stagger or even fall on our butt.
It's cool. It happens. It's all good.
Life is a fight but just remember a few things.
Keep your hands up and chin down.
Never give up.
And always remember a fight is not about taking turns. Don't just react to what is thrown at you. You punch, duck, weave, slip. Keep punching and throw a few good kicks. You make the fight your own.  You control the fight. You control your life.

Tuesdays is becoming Philosophical Tuesday.

Be philosophical

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