Friday, August 26, 2011

Ninja catch up

I've been internetless for a few days. I know... the horror.
So it is catch up time. I'll summarize..
Tuesday I was going to ponder the words honesty and truth.
I don't believe people are completely honest with each other or themselves.
And I cool with that.
I don't believe it is possible to know the whole truth.
Due to people's individual  perceptions, views and selective vision.

Wednesday I was going to suggest
Awesome animated series. My kids and I watched the series together to it's completion. It is a three book collection  (Seasons)
You can buy it on

Thursdays combination is P1, slip to the left, 3, 2, K2, K1

Friday, Friday, Friday. Ninja, Ninja, Ninja. Fun, Fun, Fun, in the the Arizona sun, sun, sun.
Ninjas in the wild.

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