Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taking a stroll but at a nice clip

          Not training formally at the Dojo tonight. My body needs a day to heal. But I am a firm believer you should do something everyday. Even if it is mowing the lawn. (riding mower does not count.) Now I know walking on a treadmill is more efficient workout when it comes to walking. You set a speed, an incline and go for a specific amount of time. But there is nothing like a walk in the wonderful outdoors. The smell of the trees, flowers, and freshly cut grass. The sounds of the birds, children at play and the occasional dog barking.  The fresh air in my lungs and on my skin. The walk outside may not be as intense as one on the treadmill but it is far more beneficial when you factor in the positive effect on your state of mind.

Be active

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