Monday, April 25, 2011

12 hours of non stop fun

Woke up this morning and...
Made bed, got coffee, checked emails, news and tee shirt websites, showered, dressed.
Out the door...
went to the bank, Lowes, friend's house briefly to drop off something.
Back at home...
picked up random clutter, mowed lawn, ran out of gas, got gas, finished lawn.
Showered again, cleaned bathroom.
Out the door again....
took teenage son to appointment, drop him off at friend's house after appointment, food store, CVS, drop stuff off at house, right back out the door to picked up teenage daughter.
Back home again...
cleaned kitchen, made dinner, ate dinner, cleaned kitchen
Out the door again...
took teenage daughter to guitar lessons.
Back home.... finally
sitting down with my laptop. (for a few minutes) Laundry is beckoning me.

Why yes, I would rather be a ninja
Just sayin'

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