Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I didn't realize I was suppose to be scared

Fear is an interesting emotion. It has stopped many in their tracks. Not willing to go any further, the fear of what may happen immobilizing them. The fear you may get hurt. Physically or emotionally. But realistically not really knowing the outcome stopping you from your path.
Now one's courage has the ability to over ride a person's fear. My Sensei tells the children classes that courage is like a hammer pounding away at fear. Squashing it down. I like the analogy. Courage chipping away the fear. Giving you the ability to overcome your fear to achieve your goal.
Now sometimes though, there are times when there is no time for fear. You must react. Deal with the situation without pause. Do what you have to do to survive. It is only after that you realize "Hey that was kind of scary. Hell, I could have died. YIKES!. What the F*** was I thinking?"

I like to think Ninjas do not have the luxury of fear till well after the battle is won.
Never having pause. Doing what needs to be done. Accomplishing the task at hand the moment it arises.

Sometimes there is no time for fear.

Be courageous.

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