Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How do you deal?

          I have been thinking a great deal about death lately. Well not exactly death but how people react to it. How everyone deals with it. There is no proper way to deal with the passing of another human being. I have dealt with death many times. I have witnessed many ways individuals survive the days, months and even years. Yes survive is the correct word. Because sometimes that is exactly what one has to do to go on. The thing that bothers me the most when someone dies is when another expects someone to act a certain way. Actually it doesn't bother me, it infuriates me. Let people grieve the way they need to grieve. Be it quiet, loud, stoic, emotions for all to see. If they need to be the strong one. Let them. If they need to be the one who needs to be constantly comforted. Let them. If they need to be the one in charge. Let them. There is so many ways I have seen people deal. I will not list them all. I try and keep my blog simple and to the point.

How would a Ninja deal with the death of another? In their own way just like everyone else.

Be thankful.

(I am sure you have guessed, someone died. Bringing these thoughts to the front of my mind to ponder. My thoughts are with their family.)

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