Monday, September 19, 2011

Ninja with a cause Monday

How do we choose?

We choose what we support by who we know is effected by the disease. If it be yourself, a family member, or friend. I don't mean donate, I mean support. Get the word out there. I donate to even more causes just like a lot of people. Hurricane relief, Tornado relief, earthquake relief, Tsunami relief. You know when you can send a text and ten dollars is donated. Making it really easy to send a little help. We buy candy bars, tee shirts, and raffle tickets and a portion of the proceeds goes to some cause. It makes us feel good and we get something in return. 

I support DTP awareness because my ninja friend is afflicted with a type called Gastroparesis
I support Autism awareness because my son has Asperger Syndrome
I support Breast Cancer awareness because the women in my family always get breast cancer. Well except my one sister who got lung cancer and the irony of that is she is the only woman in the family who did not smoke, If there is a God he has got a funky sense of humor, Just sayin'. But I digress once again.

Are there other diseases or medical conditions people I know have or even have  passed away from? Yes, there are. I donate to them. I can't tell you why the three above effect me more than the others, they just do.

Be supportive

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