Wednesday, September 7, 2011

missed Monday and Tuesday again....

So yet again I am behind.
Ninja with a cause Monday is a article I found on the G-Pact facebook page
I found it to be a important article. So click and read it cause it's important.
It's not too long so read it. Thank you.

Last Thursday I said to come back on Tuesday and I would explain the simple math comment.
So here I go. 
I was taught in Kick Boxing that at times you become emotional while sparring you need to do a little math in your head. I am not talking algebraic equations but basic math. Adding, subtraction, maybe a little multiplication.
There are many reasons why a fighter can become emotional while sparing. When this happens your technique tends to diminishes, your control falters and you can't think straight causing a negative outcome. Now the key is to realize you are becoming emotional and start doing math. Yep math. Your brain cannot do both  the whole emotional thing and logical thing I guess at the same time. Well at least not well. Do the math and your control will start to come back. I had one instructor would yell out math equations to the fighters as they spared to get  us to chill if we were not as control as we should have been. I still do it when I feel myself getting frustrated while sparring. Grappling I hum to relax so I can regroup. 
Now on the street it is a whole other ballgame. It is about adrenaline and survival. I can't see how it is nothing but emotional.

I would think ninjas must be math geniuses by the time they get to the level of control they possess.
I'd rather be a ninja.

Be mathematical 

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