Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My silly ninja morning

Sit right back and I'll tell you a tale......
I had an interesting morning and I wanted to share.
Today I drove my daughter to the community college for class and hung out in the parking lot til she was done her first class. She had a follow up appointment with a plastic surgeon. She was bit by a dog in the face over a month ago, proving animals just like life can be unpredictable. But I digress. Sitting in the parking lot I people watched. I wondered if any were ninjas. One of the guises of ninjas is to blend into the crowd. If there was ninjas in disguise they were doing a great job. I couldn't spot one.
After my daughters class we went to breakfast to kill a little time and do the whole one on one mother daughter thing. I ordered egg white omelette with veggies, no cheese. Dry rye toast, turkey bacon, no fried potatoes. I received an omelette with cheese on it, toast with butter on it, fried potatoes on my plate and no turkey bacon. After I reminded them of my turkey bacon they brought me burnt regular bacon. No I am not exaggerating. I may have understood if they were wicked busy but the place was empty except for us and five other people taking up two tables.
Proving incompetence is alive and well in the world.
Off to the appointment. I parked the car and could not help notice all the cars were BMWs, Mercedes, Toyotas, a couple Audis and one Nisson SUV. Looking at my little old Ford Focus parked in the row I couldn't help but sing.."one of these things is not like the others".
Proving Sesame Street has had a lasting effect on me.
In the office I realize the furniture in the waiting room was worth more than all the furniture in my house put together. I decided I have made a few poor financial decisions in my life. Or should I say poor educational choices.
Proving a good education can have profitable benefits.
Just in case you are wondering my daughter is healing wonderfully. The plastic surgeon asked my daughter if she wore make up she said no. Then he turned to me and asked me if I wear make up. I said no. He than says not even eyeliner and mascara? I said no.Then the handsome plastic surgeon starts examining my face closely as if I was lying, staring at my eyes. Talk about self conscious. Yikes! And maybe a little annoyed. Why would someone lie about something so trivial?
But what isn't trivial is my car is leaking and I just spent over three hundred dollars to fix the leak.
You bet I am about to go ninja on someone.
Where's my sword!?

Be competent
Be educated
Be Ninja

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