Monday, June 6, 2011

A preventative Ninja

       Today I went to get a mammogram like a good ninja wanna be. Damn straight ninjas get mammograms. It makes perfect sense.  A ninja would always monitor her territory (the body) to keep and close watch for the enemy (cancer) trying to infiltrate it. If the enemy did invade the ninja's domain it would be quickly discovered. The ninja destroying the enemy before it gets a strong hold.
       So the tech shows me to the changing room. You take off your top and your bra and put on a gown. You place your stuff in a bag and go sit in a waiting room.   What I found amusing was the changing rooms. Each changing room had a large window with vertical blinds. You know the kind of blinds you bump and they swing back and forth for all the world to see. What was the point of the window? It isn't like some some is going to get change take a seat on the little bench and take in the view. Relax for a bit. It was not relaxing. Tiny room and I am trying not to bump the blinds. Which I did.
       I think a man designed the changing rooms or should I say changing cubbies.

Be preventative.

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