Saturday, June 25, 2011

cats roll

I saw a commercial for a new smart phone in the beginning of the previews of a movie. It stated you could see even more cats on the internet. I found this to be a great commercial. But not too great because I don't know which smart phone. But I digress, Cats are entertaining. The looks they give us of superiority to loathing but at times can turn on the cuteness and be total pet me whores. I am entertained as they chase the invisible prey around the house unless it is 3:30 in the morning and across my bed. Their pursuit of the moth that unfortunately strayed into the house is fun, well not for the moth. The relentless hunt for the mouse under the stove shows their diligence or stupidity, the jury is still out. I find it extremely entertaining to watch as one cat goes up to the other and starts cleaning the other only to attack minutes later. I love kitty grappling. The way they roll and use each others momentum is genius. I once had an martial arts instructor say "have you ever seen two kittens wrestle, they roll. relax.  Roll like kittens." So when I grapple I try and roll like a kitten. Not that easy since I am human and in my forties. But I do try. Meow.
Still waiting for the mouse. Day 245. 
Be diligent

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