Sunday, June 5, 2011

Non quitting spirit

Life has been crazy. I won't bore you with the drama of my silly little life. I am sure compared to some it is just minor annoyances. To others it may be traumatic. Either or, it is life. Ever changing, somewhat more challenging at times. Life being compared to a roller coaster is such a good analogy. Ups and downs. Twists and turns. Sudden drops and changes in directions. Just when you think the ride is settling down you are dropped a hundred feet and flung upside down into a loop to loop. But on my roller coaster of life I have the emergency break in my car. So I can slam the car to halt, get out of the car and climb down off the structure. Walk to the nearest field and smell the roses. Because as life speeds on by sometimes the beauty of it all gets blurred. So if your roller coaster car does not have a built in emergency break, my advice to you is install one. Stop, take a look around and see the beauty. My next advice to you is never give up, never think you can't. Alway keep trying. Even if you got knocked down on your butt. Get up, dust off and try again.

Be strong

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