Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today's blog is brought to you by the word, Perspective

"Mom, can I play video games?" My thirteen year old son asked this morning. (snow day)
"Clean your room, first." I responded.
He goes to his room and returns.
"I am done." He informs me.
"Did you put your clean laundry away?" I asked.
He goes back to his room and a couple minutes tick by and he returns.
"I am done." He informs me again.
"Did you make your bed?" I ask him.
He turns and goes back to his room. He returns a minute later.
"I am done." He says sounding a little exasperated.
Without looking I say, "What about the dirty dishes?"
"There are no dirty dishes."
"Check please." I say knowing there is dirty glass on his dresser.
He turns and goes back to his room yet again. He returns with a glass and two bowls.
"I. AM. DONE." Noticeably frustrated at this point.
"Let's see." I turn and go to his room. I look under the bed. "Please get the rest of the dishes and the clothes from under your bed and then you will be done. Thank you." I smiled. He frowned.

I realize his idea of what constitutes clean is not the same as mine. Perspective.

Later that same day.......
I was waiting to get an x-ray this afternoon. Sitting in the waiting room with me were a few people. One person was and elderly woman, early seventies, with her was a woman in her forties. Her ride.
A very good looking man dressed in scrubs walks in the waiting room. He was at least six three, extremely fit. Probably in his mid thirties. Did I mention he was good looking? He heads straight for the elderly woman and her ride. I figure maybe this is her doctor. The elderly woman looks up and starts to smile. She taps her ride on the forearm and says, "Oh oh oh, Jan." She said excited. "This is my baby boy. Thomas." Jan stood and said hello and walked off so Thomas could sit with his mom. Apparently Thomas works in the ER in the hospital and knew his mother had appointment and just wanted to stop by to see how she was. It was a quick visit. Thomas had to return to the ER.
Just before he leaves Thomas's mom asks him, "Did you just come up here to see me?"
"Yes, Mom."
She pats the side of his face, gently and says, "Thomas, you are a good boy."
He smiles and says, "I have to go."
"Do a good job." She tells him as he stands.
"I will. I love you, Mom." Thomas leans down and kisses his mom good bye.

When I and every other woman in the that waiting looked at Thomas, we saw good looking successful man.
To his mother, he is her baby boy, Thomas. A good boy as well. Perspective strikes again.

Views are so subjective.

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