Monday, February 14, 2011

breathtaking start to the day

I woke this morning to the usual sounds in the house. But through the blinds I saw light. It was not still dark. Checked the clock. Didn't over sleep. The sun is rising earlier. YES! I get up to get my son out of bed. I heard his alarm a little earlier but did not hear him shuffling about getting ready for school. I entered his room and was immediately drawn to the window. The outside had a pink hue. Looking out the window I saw the most beautiful sunrise. The sky was blue, pink and light purple. Stunning. I stood and just stared at it. It made me smile. The sight warmed me and made me feel good. Made me feel lucky as well that I have the opportunity and ability to witness this sight this morning. As I continued to take in the colorful dawn, I began to think of people in my life and have meet throughout it. The ones who are like the amazing sunrise this morning. They shine and make the world a little brighter and little more beautiful. I am very lucky. I am surrounded by some spectacular rays of sunshine. Family, friends and their children who by just knowing them I feel I shine a little brighter myself.

That is how my day started. After the husband left for work and the kids were off to school I began my daily routine. Continuing my ninjas training I honed my shuriken skills. Shuriken are better know these days as throwing stars but the word actually means hand hidden blade or behind hand knife. Once I was satisfied with my progress with them I retrieved my Katana and.....
Just kidding. I actually did my computer work, scrubbed the oven, cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and the rest of the house.  Not as exciting but needed to be done. I wonder if ninjas clean their oven themselves.

Shine bright in someone's life.