Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In my head.
In my head
In my head
          Usually I am okay about being in my head visiting the many worlds that reside there. Within these worlds is a cast of characters.There are vampires, werewovles, shapeshifters, demons, witches, dragons, elves, knights, wizards and great warriors, especially Ninjas. While vacuuming a Knight excepts a daring quest and sets off into a dangerous land to save his kingdom from destruction. Folding laundry a great battle is being fought. Cleaning the kitchen a ninjas warrior uses her stealth and knowledge to penetrate the enemy camp and assassinate the evil demons who have killed her family and many others from her village. Food shopping, our hero discovers a vampire is residing in her building. What shall she do? Is he a threat? Should she just leave him be and pretend she is unaware? Yep, usually not so bad.
          When kick boxing it is a whole other story. Not a good thing at all. Not that I am in one of my many worlds. I focus in the real world. I work on my technique and timing. Moving and rhythm. Some people I have no problem, winning or losing, keeping my head in the game. But some people I lose focus. My technique goes out the window and down the street for a cup of coffee. It's because I am in my head. There only a few fighters that this occurs with. I do not fear them. I do not dislike them. I actually like them very much and respect their abilities. It is weird I do not fight my fight, I seem to be fighting theirs. I will change this. I need to spar with these fighters more often. I always knew Kick Boxing was not just a physical sport but a mental one too. Some days it just more evident.

         Well need to go switch the laundry and fight a werewolf.


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