Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little Mexican will do. I meant food, people!!!!!!

Today I was clipping coupons and making my shopping list. Yeah, I know not very ninja like. I tried to look at it as a Ninja. Really I did. A Ninja would carefully plan his or hers mission in advance to every detail. But going to the grocery store and getting the most for my money was a stretch. A very big stretch. But I digress. So while I was clipping coupons in the living room my husband was watching the ID channel. Investigation Discovery. Well let me tell you I got sucked in. The first show was a cold case. I got really involved. But I was expecting a conclusion. They hadn't solved the case yet. It ended with no real answer. WTF. (Excuse my language.) The next three shows, ( I said I got sucked in) were of vicious murders and their investigations. Some people are cold evil beings. It was all very depressing. So I made my husband take me out for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Drinks and good meal can make life so much more appealing. Our anniversary is next week. So we just celebrated early. All good. So I was thinking as I ate a spectacular meal....simple pleasures can make life okay sometimes. I looked around the restaurant and did the math. Yeah there are really bad people in the world and in the news. But there are more good people than bad, they just don't get the press.
Just in case you didn't know.

Remember enjoy the simple pleasures of life, evil always gets the press and $1.00 off a six pack of Snapple rocks.  (;)

Enjoy life.

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  1. $1 off of Snapple?!?!? Running to the grocery store now :)