Thursday, September 20, 2012

I hate running. Despise it. I know people who swear by running. How wonderful it is and how great it makes them feel.  I, on the other hand, find it incredible boring. But I do love zombies and a goal to achieve. So my goal is to run the Run for your lives 5K.

5K cannot be boring if it is an obstacle course and you are being chased by ZOMBIES! How freaking cool is that. So I am registered. 8:00am wave down in Maryland on the 27th.

Training for it has been difficult. My body apparently does not enjoy running as well. Hips, knees and back are not cooperating. Aleve has become a daily ritual and I have decided after this little goal is completed I will never run again. Up to two miles now before my body says stop but cardio is good. By the day of the race I am sure I will be up to three miles. My martial Arts training is a good cross training for it as well.

Be cool
Be happy
Beware of zombies

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