Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today was a day.
Frustrated with work.
Money on the mind or the lack there of. 
The future is a blur at this point and time.
I lay in my bed after dinner, exhausted. 
No desire to train but I bailed yesterday so I had to go to today. 

I dressed for class and dragged my butt to the car. 
Even turning the key in the ignition seemed strenuous.
So tired. So frustrated. So tense. So unmotivated. 
But I did it. I made it there. First goal accomplished.
I found a good partner and trained like an animal.
Sweat sprayed across the floor around me. 

I feel better. Tired in a good way. Frustrations eased.
Muscles to spent to be tense. Motivated to take on tomorrow.
MMA baby, the only way to train. 

Feeling fabulous in a sweaty, stinking mess kind of way. 

First goal - get to class
Second goal - train hard
Third goal - take a shower. Phew!

Be cool

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