Monday, March 21, 2011

Back from NOLA

          Going to train extra hard this week. Need to work off the weekend calories. I do not regret any drink or bite to eat this weekend. I planned to have a great time and eat different foods and partake in some alcoholic beverages. And that is what I did. I also danced, danced, danced. 
I did miss training. I can't wait to kick box and grapple tonight. It is amazing how Martial arts is not just something you do but something that defines who you are. I find when I am unable to train I feel off. A little tense. Not as focused. Something is amiss. But when I do train, life is a little better, easier to deal with what life throws at me. Feel better about myself and feel more complete. I wonder if it is because of Martial Arts or it is because I get to do something I love. Maybe both. 

Like the Life is Good people say...
do what you like
like what you do

Be happy

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