Saturday, July 6, 2013

Little White Ninja Dandelion Puff

This is a little electric cart like I drive at my work.
(But mine is orange)

A story

As I was driving  from one building to the next and a might stressed I must admit. My easy day was turning into one complication to another. I could feel my face getting tight and my muscles were getting tense and I just was just not a happy camper. This is when i a had a visitor. 
A dandelion puff.
 All white and puffy it flew in the window and  proceeded to fly around the cab of my little cart. I smiled. The puff swirled in front of my face and I tried to catch it to make a wish. The puff eluded my grasp and I giggled. I continued my drive to the other side of the campus and the little dandelion puff swirled around my head, swooped down to my feet and back up to the passenger's side of the cart, whisks it's way above my head, swirled in front of my nose causing my eyes to cross. I tried again to catch the little puff yet again but it fluttered to the right leaving me to catch air once again. 
I reached my destination and I could not see my little visitor anymore. I opened my door and stepped out and as I was about to close the door the little puff caught a ride on a breeze and flew out of my little vehicle. I watched the little white puff sail up to the sky. I grinned from ear to ear. I pondered the affect the small little dandelion puff affected my mood. Something so small and silly able to  disintegrate the stress and pressure of my day. Maybe the complications of the day was really nothing to be that upset able because it only took a short drive with a stealthy little ninja dandelion puff who time after time escaped my capture. 

later that night......

I received a call from work around 9:30 pm. There was a flood in one of the buildings. Being I was on call, it was my responsibility to go in after hours and clean it up. I get dressed and head on in. Get on the campus and get in my little cart and load up the wet vac. I reach the the building where the flood is at 10pm. I park my little cart under a street light. Just as I was about to unload my wet vac something caught my eye descending from the streetlight above; a little white dandelion puff floated down and floated right past my face and up again into the dark night sky. 
I hummed and smiled as I sucked up gallons and gallons of water til the wee hours of the night. 

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