Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Art of Chillin'

Life has changed.
And with this changed I am sad to admit I forgot the ways and whys of chillin'.
I have been running on overdrive. Doing this. Doing that. Something always needs to get done.
Go go go. Never idle. Always moving. I am sure there is some psychological reason for being constantly in motion due to my recent life changes but WHATEVER. I don't care the explanation.  It is what it is or it was what it was because I realized last week I really need to chill and enjoy the calm that parallels my craziness. It's always there patiently waiting for me to kick back and relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. A cup of tea, a sunset, a walk, a book, a glass of wine, a flower in bloom, a cat's purr, a dog's wagging tail, your children's laughter, time with your family, dancing in the kitchen while making cupcakes, singing loudly along with the song playing on your ipod, kazoos, totally and utterly enjoying the simple pleasure of being alive, a smile.
The list can go on and on and differ from person to person but the goal to forget and not worry about the troubles, stresses and list of things that needs to be done in our daily lives. Why do we chill? To revitalize ourselves to conquer all that life throws at us.
Does a ninja chill? Well of course they do. After a long day / night of defeating evildoers a ninja needs to chill  just like the rest of the world but you just can't see them chillin'. Hellooooo.......Stealthy.

Be cool
Be chill

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