Saturday, March 3, 2012

 So a few years ago I ran across this picture online and right clicked and selected save as image. I love this picture. I do not know the artist. I wish I did so I could give him or her  credit.
As you see I cropped the individual images and saved them to my computer so when it goes into my picture screen saver I can see them put up individually. What can I say but they make me smile. I do wish I knew the artist. 

I have many pictures I right click and save to my computer. Lots of ninja pictures as you can imagine. Of course the cute animal pics are a favorite of mine as well. I am ashamed to say I am sucker for baby bunnies. I love the aaawww effect. 

Great ninja I'd be. Totally would be saying "awww bunny" from the shadows if a bunny hopped on by; giving my location up to the evil doers I was commissioned to bring to justice.  Sad but true. 

Off to google images. I am thinking ninja pirate bunnies search. 

Be silly

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