Monday, July 11, 2011

Pondering Ninja

So I've been thinking. 
Just call me a philosophical ninja wanna be.
First thought
I witnessed a seed get planted. A seed of an idea. It really was quite amazing. I listened as the words flowed over the group of people. I was amazed again how fast the roots of the idea started to take hold in the minds of others. But was it the power of the words or the person speaking to them? 

Just because you disagree with an idea does not make it wrong or you wrong. Realize there are different ideas for different people.

Next thought
I find it remarkable how one person has the power with a judgmental word or even a look can shake one's self worth. Controlling another's view of one's self. How does one obtain this power over another? How does one allow it to happen? 

When measuring one's self worth, never give someone else the ruler. 

Another thought
I am confused when a goal which is once said to be obtainable is then said to be only obtainable for a very very select few. How can someone achieve a goal if the standards keep changing? 

Setting high standards is important but be careful you are not telling others they are just not good enough. 

Be pensive 

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